Photos 2020-2021

play doh fun
making a leaf collage
painting with fall colors
child working with shapes on an easel
students walking on numbered footprints
child playing instruments
chart on how to care for our classroom
child using pegs and a peg board
child sponge painting fall things
child exploring at sensory table
child playing instruments
using mittens to measure a child
child sorting shapes in 3K
child building a house with popsicle sticks
using tools in the block center
building a dollhouse in the buildings unit
observing leaves
students playing with puppets at the dramatic play center
child sponge painting
child taking picture with his life sized person during the clothing unit
voting on our favorite buildings during remote learning
painting a box for the buildings unit
chold reading book
leaf patterns
making play doh in 3k
little boy making a leaf pattern
using leaves to make a pattern
students making play-doh in 3K
students using a magnifying glass to observe things in nature
child completing a puzzle
students participating in play in the dramatic center pumpkin patch
child analyzing a pumpkin
child using art materials to decorate her name
class makes paints heart with hanprints
child at the writing center writing his name
children exploring fall things
child painting full size person
child using a triangular magnifying glass to find triangles in the magna tiles basket
child using a magnifying glass to find shapes in the rainbow fish book
students created I have a dream cloud for Martin Luther King Jr day
making a house with magna tiles
bulletin board "throw kindness like confetti"
child working with play-doh
child sorting by color
child writing his name using letters
child watercolored piece sign
building a home with blocks during remote learning
small group observing pumpkin
play doh fun
two girls using shapes to make an object
painting fall leaves in prek
students playing in the barn in the dramatic play center
child using a flower to paint
student painting a paper bag pumpkin
child painting a paper bag orange
child holding colorful leaves
child made a turkey during remote learning
class taking a picture with their peace signs for martin luther king jr day
child practicing writing his name
measuring our friends with mittens
child locating shapes in her home
students in the block center building homes with cardboard boxes
observing pumpkin seeds
playing with a doll in the dramatic play center
building with blocks
child examining a leaf with a magnifying glass
child exploring at sensory table with harvest objects
child sorting shapes during remote instruction
making a house with colorful popsicle sticks
using wooden blocks to build a tower