Photos 2021-2022

child building with magna tiles
students in center
Children sitting around table working on an experiment with glue and food dye
Students exploring the inside of a pumpkin
child creating a halloween project with purple and orange tissue paper
children in the dramatic play center feeding baby dolls
Ms. Degirolamo dressed as Cinderella talking to a student dressed as a fire fighter
Students enjoying thanksgiving feast
"our class is a family" student photos
students building in the block center
students in 3K investigating the inside of a pumpkin
child displaying her art work
child exploring at the water table
child on scooter board in gym class
children sitting in the gym singing a song with their teache
students playing with plastic blocks
children using twizzers to investigate in the sand bin
children exploring the eye doctors office in the dramatic play center
student participating in a five senses activity
children working together to put a skeleton
students participating in an art activity
Dr. Abrams, Mr. Miller and Ms. Degirolamo and Tompkins students dressed for career day
students dressed up for career day
Ms. s and class going on a bear hunt
student adding glitter to a sensory jar
students dressed up for wizard day
3K students painting with different types of fruit
girl building with legos
mrs. Williams school principal in centers
Dramatic play center
cozy corner at woodrow
students are sitting at a table and exploring the inside of a pumpkin
child at sensory table filled with corn
class picture taken during halloween class party
two girls playibg doctor in the dramatic play center
class halloween picture with Dr. Abrams and Ms. Degirolamo
class participating in morning meeting
student exploring at the sand table
students completing a five senses activity
students and staff wearing mustaches for mustache day
children playing in the dramatic play center
child using a large toothbrush to brush fake teeth
child hanging ornament on holiday tree
student matching friend pictures to eyes in 3K seeing exploration
child dancing with teacher
Mrs Tromba reading a book to students in the library center
child wearing fake glasses looking at an eye chart in dramatic play
child creating a collage in the art center
student using his sense of smell to smell leaves and flowers in a jar
children exploring with play doh
Ms. DeGirolamo having a conversation with a child
student working on a science experiment
Child using stencils to make hearts
class making heart with their hands
students painting with fruit
child in dramatic play center playing with fake teeth
little girl standing in the library holding a slinky object
three children playing in block center
Children working on an experiment with food coloring and glue
Child counting animals in an animal counting game
Student writing at the writing center
child making an art project with tissue paper
Dr Abrams dressed as Snow White standing with a student dressed asElsa
Ms. Dure dressed as Pooh taking a photo with mini ooh
child building with magna tiles
child wearing a white lab coat working with ladybugs
child making foot prints with paint
group of children sitting on the ground at the playground
children giving a card to Ms. Saladino, gym teacher
children building with large lego blocks
using a parachute in gym class
teacher working with student at dry erase board
children playing catch in class
children playing with dinosaurs
child reading a book in the library center
children putting on a performance using puppets
child using a magnifying glass to observe things in nature
students are learning about body parts by putting together a skeleton
Dr. Abrams reading a book with a student in Mrs. Trombas class
students playing with toy animals
student experimenting with snow
Child holding a sensory jar
child eating valentines day treats
students counting teeth