4th Annual Early Learn Event

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                                            edele williams presenting a gift basket at the 3k/4k 4th annual early learn event

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The Richmond PreK Center took part in the 4th Annual Learn Event hosted by Staten Island Alliance for North Shore Children and Families at the Staten Island Children’s Museum. Edele Williams, The Richmond PreK Director presented the winners of the event, Sophia and her mother Mercedes with a wonderful prize. 


2019-2020 Holiday Door Decorating Contest

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The Richmond Pre-K Centers 4th Annual “Holiday Door Decorating Contest” is here!

As we celebrate the joy and cheer of the holiday season for 2019, help us celebrate by voting for the best decorated door. We have created a poll through DoodlePoll to submit your vote. The voting will begin on Monday December 9th and will close on Monday December 16th. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be announced during our “Holiday Fair” on Tuesday, December 17th. Good luck!

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2018-2019 Door Decorating Contest

The Richmond Pre-K Center 3rd Annual “Holiday Door Decorating Contest”  is here!

Again, we will celebrate the joy and cheer of the winter holidays for 2018. We have opened a doodle pole to submit your vote beginning Friday December 14th – Monday December 17th.  Poles will close at 3:00 pm sharp on December 17th.  The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be announced during our “Holiday Fair” on December 18th.  looking forward to seeing everyone then.  Good luck to all participants.

Please use the link below to cast your vote:


Stuyvesant Pl. PK1

Stuyvesant Pl. PK2

Stuyvesant Pl. PK3

Stuyvesant Pl.PK4

Stuyvesant Pl. Science 

Stuyvesant Pl. Related Services

Forest Ave PK1

Forest Ave. PK2

Forest Ave. PK3

Forest Ave. PK4

Forest Ave. PK5

Teleport Dr. PK1

Teleport Dr. PK2

Teleport Dr. PK3

Teleport Dr. PK4

Teleport Dr. PK5

Teleport Dr. PK6

Teleport Dr. Related Services

Teleport Dr. Nurses Office

Teleport Science

2017-2018 Holiday Door Decorating Contest

The Richmond Pre-K Center 2nd Annual “Holiday Door Decorating Contest”  is here!

Again, we will celebrate the joy and cheer of the winter holidays for 2017. We have opened a doodle pole to submit your vote beginning tomorrow Thursday December 14th – Tuesday December 19th.  Poles will close at 3pm sharp on December 19th.  The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be announced during our “Holiday Fair” on December 19th.

Please use the link below to cast your vote:


Good Luck to all our Pre-K Classrooms!

Forest Avenue Pre-K 1

Forest Avenue Pre-K 2

Forest Avenue Pre-K 3

Forest Avenue Pre-K 4

Forest Avenue Pre-K 5

Forest Avenue Science Room

Stuyvesant Place Pre-K 1

Stuyvesant Place Pre-K 2

Teleport Drive Pre-K 1

Teleport Drive Pre-K 2

Teleport Drive Pre K-3

Teleport Drive Pre-K 4

Teleport Drive Pre-K 5

2017 Wonder Walk

A special thank you to all the parents who came out to support the classes at each of our sites for our March of Dimes Wonder Walk Parade. The superhero kids raised $2,091 that will be donated to support research for over 4 million babies.  Our staff appreciates all of you!

Stuyvesant Drive


Teleport Drive

Forest Avenue







Plaque Unveiling in memory of Victoria Garcia

On October 17th, 2016 we celebrated the life of our precious Victoria Garcia through readings, reflections, and the unveiling of a plaque in the Forest Avenue playground. We would like to thank our parents, local businesses in the community, the family, and friends that came out to honor Victoria and a special thanks to the staff and “The James Volpe Foundation” for the donations that made the plaque possible.

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